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  • Shipping
    We ship orders Mon-Sat. Orders go out same or next day after payment. We ship in discreet, unmarked packages.
  • How do I contact You
    You can email us at OR Call us toll free between 10am-5pm EST at 888-311-8449
  • Payments and Ordering
    There are currently no merchant service providers that allow us to accept payment for liquid cultures on our website directly. Instead, when you place your order you will receive confirmation of the order and instructions on where to send money using Zelle. Once payment has been confirmed we will ship your order and you will receive an email with tracking information included. We accept cash payments, just email us at for more information on where to send payment. You can also place orders or pay for an order by phone Mon-Fri 10am-5pm EST at (888)-311-8449
  • Privacy
    We take your and our privacy seriously. We operated in the "black market" industry well before there was ever talk of legalization, before states started decriminalizing, and before enforcement was considered one of the lowest priorities. We have been in the business for close to 20 years, we haven't made it this far by being careless with our own or our clients privacy. We will NEVER share your information. All shipments will arrive in plain brown boxes or envelopes with no distinguishing marks or labels
  • Are they better than spores
    A good way to think of the difference between our liquid culture and typical spore syringes is that our liquid culture is similar to a “clone” of a plant and spore syringes are like “seeds” of a plant. Of course, mushrooms are a different organism than plants, but the analogy is useful. Liquid culture syringes produce faster and more reliable research. A spore syringe must go through a germination process which takes longer and sometimes fails to occur. A spore syringe contains a variety of different spores from various strains so the genetics can be unreliable and may produce more random results. Our liquid culture syringes contain a single strain that has been bred and isolated to achieve the fastest and best research possible.
  • Can I store unused culture
    Yes, carefully replace the cover over the needle and place any unused portion in the refrigerator. DO NOT freeze. Unused portions can last 6 months or more if stored properly.
  • Are They Legal
    Yes. Our liquid cultures contain tiny bits of very early stage mycelium. They do not contain any psychoactive compounds. Those compounds develop in later fruiting stages if the culture were to be grown. We do not condone the growth of our mushroom liquid cultures and will not answer any questions regarding growing. Our syringes are sold for microscopic research only. For this reason, our liquid culture syringes fall under the same legal categorization as spore syringes. They can be sold for microscopic research purposes in all states except Georgia and Idaho. Note: we can not, and will not, answer any questions related to cultivation.
  • GA, ID orders
    Any orders with shipping addresses to Georgia or Idaho will be canceled.
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