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*NOTE: The information below is for educational purposes only. We explicitly prohibit the cultivation of this liquid culture. It is sold legally for mycological microscopy research only. We will not answer any questions regarding the growth of these cultures. We will cancel all orders from anyone who contacts us and mentions growth and they will be restricted from ordering in the future. Not for sale in GA or ID.

Penis Envy
  • Penis Envy Liquid Culture

    SKU: PE10cc

    Penis Envy is one of the most potent varieties of magic mushroom. Not for the faint of heart, get ready for a wild ride. Popular with true psychonauts, they are frequently used by people who tend to have abdominal discomfort from mushrooms because you can eat less and get the same effect as a larger dose of weaker varieties. 


    • Specs

      • 10cc or 20cc syringe 
      • Includes sterile needle 
      • Contamination Free Gaurantee 


    PriceFrom $24.99
    Excluding Sales Tax


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